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Created on 2011-04-06 18:54:21 (#729018), never updated

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acid, allan hyde, ambient, baroque, battle royale manga, bdsm, berserk, black humor, castles, cathedrals, cats, chemistry, classical, clubbing, coldness, computers, control, d/s, dark ages, dark ambient, darkness, darkpsy, darth maul, darth vader, dawn, detroit techno, dirty talking, doctor who, dominance, dreams, drum'n bass, elizabeth bathory, elves, enka, eric northman, evil fairies, expressionism, fanfics, fantasy, femslash, ferrets, festivals, final fantasy, floating, forests, general veers, germanic myth, gintama, goa, godric, gore, greek myth, guro, hallucinating, hardhouse, hardtechno, het, hisoka, history, horatio caine, horror, horses, industrial hardcore, industrial metal, irish folk, iron chains, julian glover, kaneto shiozawa, kaze_to_ki_no_uta, kinky stuff, kiriyama kazuo, livesets, lotr, loud music, lsd, magic, manga, marcus flint, marquis de sade, martial industrial, mdma, military, mindfuck, mist, mountains, my little pony, natural disasters, neofolk, norse myth, norway, nostalgia, occultism, odd/rare pairings, oldies, oldschool techno, outer space, pam ravenscroft, papuwa, porn, power, princess donna, psychedelic, raves, roleplaying, russia, sadism, sarcasm, satanism, science fiction, shrooms, sith, slash, slytherin, snakes, snow, star wars, subwoofer, sundowns, surrealism, tech house, the death gate cycle, the galactic empire, the red army choir, the sea, the_dark_side_of_the_force, thunderstorms, torture, tribal house, tyki mikk, underground hiphop, underground sound, uniforms, utena, voyeurism, walls of bass, waterfalls, waves, weaponry, weird shit, winter, world domination, writing, wtf, yaoi, yuri, ♫=♥
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